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Managing Vulnerabilities Reduces Your Cyber Risk

Deploying a vulnerability management and Identity & Access management program are part of the best strategies to reduce your risk of a cybersecurity event. Almost every attack begins with a vulnerability. After a compromise, hackers will try to gain access to your on-premise resources and cloud environments. Managing identities will harden your environments against cyber adversaries.

Compliance and Governance

GNS provides managed cybersecurity services in comprehensive modules that address targeted areas by combining people, technology,  processes and security. The goal of the GNS Security Suite is to enhance security, improve technology, streamline processes and address cybersecurity standards, requirements, certifications and frameworks such as insurance, CMMC, NIST, FISMA, CARF, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CIS, SOC2 and ISO-27001.

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Best Practices for Your Business

Data protection is crucial for business cybersecurity. Effective measures can prevent cyber threats and data breaches. It includes access controls, encryption, network visibility, risk treatment and incident response planning. A comprehensive plan safeguards confidential data and minimizes security risks.

Identity & Access Management

GNS Identity & Access Management is a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the proper people in an organization have appropriate access to technology resources at the right time and for the right reasons. IAM systems not only identify, authenticate and authorize individuals who will utilize cloud and on-premise resources, but also the hardware and applications employees need to access. IAM has become more prevalent and critical as regulatory compliance requirements have become increasingly more rigorous and complex.


GNS offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform that allows your organization to add real-time encrypted communication capabilities, such as secure voice, web & video conferencing, audio transcription, group communication and messaging, to business applications by deploying application program interfaces (APIs). The communication capabilities delivered by APIs include Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), telephony and video. The GNS Communication Platform can embed business applications, such as sales or help desk ticketing software, to add features such as issue tracking, notifications, click-to-call, multifactor authentication and secure faxing.


A combination of comprehensive solutions, processes and strategies designed to continuously improve cybersecurity compliance and maturity. This service is ideal for companies with the resources for implementation, or high profile / high net worth individuals looking to protect their data from cyber criminals. By identifying, assessing, implementing and managing cyber risk, an organization, or individual, has the highest chance of success in reducing the probability of material impacts to their data due to a cyber event. 


A premium suite of cybersecurity services needed for a robust cybersecurity prevention, detection and response strategy. These comprehensive services provide protection around organizations, networks, individuals, devices, cloud and data islands depending on your company's needs or goals. SecureNET services will significantly reduction the probability of a material impact to your organization due to cybersecurity events.


The GNS managed third-party Business Operating System will provide secure integration between your business systems to increase efficiencies and provide business intelligence for better decision making and outcomes. Specific focus will be given to sales, marketing, accounting, operations, employee management and reporting to integrate these into one system to ensures that every department is in communication with the other. Elements of the framework components are integrated to provide security, communication and better IT operations.
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Industries We Service

GNS provides a wide range of cybersecurity and business technology solutions catering to diverse industries, including non-profit, government, education, professional services, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy. But that's not all - our offerings extend beyond these sectors to cover broader spectrum industries.

Financial Services

How To Develop A Strong Cybersecurity Program

Defense and Preparation in Cyber

In order to prevent bad actors from having a material impact on organizations, it is important to establish proper personnel, tools and budgets to prevent attacks as well as recovering should an adverse event occur.