Global Network Solutions

Our Story

We've been here since 1993

Global Network Solutions started as MAS Company in 1993 providing technology audit services to commercial clients. After 4 years of success and continuous product line expansion, MAS Company was changed to Global Network Solutions, Inc in 1997.  Under this new name, GNS entered into agreements with service providers and began to acquire customers through strategic relationships and an independent sales force. In 2002, GNS made a structural change from a corporation to an LLC with no change in products, business operations, functions or management. 


In 2004, GNS narrowed its service offering by investing in the infant commercial VoIP market and started providing service to end users when industry analyst said the technology wasn’t ready for commercial use. GNS took the final step to become a carrier in 2006.


In 2013, GNS began offering managed network services to assist clients with system design, network management and cybersecurity needs. In 2016, this path led to acquiring an equity position in CybrHawk, a company offering comprehensive cybersecurity detection and response services to technology providers around the world. This relationship was leveraged to provide this critical protective service to GNS clients. In the same year, GNS started MSP City offering wholesale cybersecurity and VoIP to technology entrepreneurs. 


In 2017, GNS developed a technology framework for growing organizations seeking to integrate communication systems, IT, cybersecurity and business operating systems. The efficiencies gained from integrating these technologies has made GNS a leader in shared technology deployments, support and business growth.


Today, we continue to focus on small and medium sized enterprises. Our consultative approach to the unification of people, technology and processes has allowed GNS to consistently deliver measurable results for our clients. 


“We strive to help our clients create better business processes, use their people more effectively and utilize technology to achieve business goals”


To be the leading Business Solutions Provider for small and medium sized enterprises. Empowering business teams to make data driven decisions through intentional organization processes.